In buildings where generators or other internal combustion engines are installed, noise occurs in the flue gases. For each manufacturer of this equipment, this noise level is different.

Therefore, MESAKO specialists will perform accurate calculations to find the most appropriate solution for damping these noises.

We offer to calculate and make according to the criteria, three types of silencers:

• Absorption silencers
• Resonant silencers
• Combined silencers

Each of these types of silencers has specific operational functions, and particular attention should, therefore, be paid to the choice of the correct type of silencer. Our specialists will find the best solution for you to minimize the noise caused by the generators after determining the noise level at the site and following the calculations.

The silencers shall be installed:

• In industrial and commercial buildings
• In data centers
• In various public buildings
• In boiler houses
• in cogeneration plants

Contact us IN THE CONTACT SECTION and we will tell you more details, the functions and solutions of each noise retarder, the courses can be offered to you.

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