Reference list

1. Embassy building of USA (Riga, Latvia) – all mechanical systems and boiler house (total output 2,5 MW). 2008 – 2010 

2. Natural gas co-generation station (Riga, Latvia) – installation of mechanical systems (also of "DANSTOKER" boiler (12 MW) and two "CATERPILLAR" engines (6 MW each) included).  2007

3. Cogeneration station of two natural gas engines (4 MW each) and backup hot water boiler "VIESSMANN" (7,8 MW) – General Contractor, installation of all mechanical systems. Daugavpils, Latvia. 2008-2009

4. Wood production facility „Latvijas Finieris” (Plata str., Riga, Latvia) – reconstruction and installation of heat recovery system (total output 5,4 MW). Customer JSC „Latvijas Finieris”. 2008-2009

5. Dalkia Latvia (Cesis, Latvia) – reconstruction of the main boiler house in the city (total output 56 MW), including installation of natural gas boiler "VIESSMANN" VITOMAX-200 total output 7,8 MW. A boiler house with output of 5,4 MW was totally refurbished. 2007-2010

6. "Riga Shipyard" boiler house (Gales str. 2, Riga, Latvia) – designing and installation of two boilers "YGNIS" (5 MW). 2008

7. Boiler house on wooden chips (2 MW) – General Contractor. Daugavpils, Latvia. 2009

8. Rietumu Capital Centre building (Vesetas str., Riga, Latvia) – construction of boiler plant (total output 1,9 MW) consisting of two "REMEHA" GAS ECO boilers. 2007-2008

9. Bank building CITADELE (Parex Bank) (Republikas sq.2, Riga, Latvia) – heating system and a cooling system installation. 2007-2009

10. PANORAMA PLAZA, two 26 and 30 storied buildings and Trade centre (Ventspils str 60/68, Riga, Latvia) – inner mechanical systems (heating centre, heating system, water and drainage system). 2007

11. Logistics / office centre of 15 000 sq.m. (Saurieshi, Latvia) – installation of all mechanical systems except electricity (turnkey project). 2007-2010

12. New production facility for pharmacy factory GRINDEKS – steam and heat supply, plumbing, installation of water boiler "VIESSMANN" VITOPLEX-200 (7,8 MW). 2008

13. District heating boiler house 2 MW on wooden chips. General contractor. Daugavpils, Latvia.

14. Stock exchange building Mechanical systems, Riga, Latvia.

15. Logistics and office center 10`000 sq.m, all Mechanical systems Riga, Latvia.

16. Heating system, gas supply, boiler house 1, 8 MW Hyper market III stage, Lielirbes str., Riga, Latvia.

17. Project "Krustkalni", Kekavas reg. – 10 four storied buildings, gas supply, boiler houses, water and heating system.

18. Boiler house on gas 3.6 MW with "YGNIS" boilers and  "METALOTERM" chimneys Hypermarket III stage. Lielirbes str., Riga.

19. KESKO AGRO office building. Boiler house (LPG), heating, water and sewage. Tiraines str. 15, Riga.

20. Office building 19000 sq.m. Heating, heating center, water and sewage. Hospitaļu 55, Riga.

21. Inner Mechanical systems of SPORT ARENA RIGA, Skanstes str., Riga, Latvia.

22. HOTEL ISLANDE (254 suits), Kipsala, Riga. Boiler house, inner water and sewage system, heating system, heating center, gas.

23. Logistics terminal first stage, 10000 sq.m. Heating on nat. gas 1.2 MW gas/air blowers. Langervaldes str. Jelgava.

24. Logistics terminal second stage, 10000 sq.m. Heating on nat. gas 1.1 MW gas/air blowers. Langervaldes str. Jelgava.

25. Distribution system of different gases for labarotary Liepajas Udens.

26. Pressurized air distribution system for diving tank filling, National Diving Center, Liepaja

27. DHL Terminal, Plienciema str. Heating system, boiler house, gas.

28. FORD Center in Skanstes str. Riga. Heating system, gas, water and sewage.

29. NISSAN Center in Skanstes str., Riga. Boiler house, gas line.

30. MITSUBISHI and HYUNDAI Center in Lielirbes str. Riga. Heating system, boiler house, gas line.

31. Multifunctional recreation centre STOCKMANN in Riga, heating system, boiler house 3.5 MW "YGNIS" boilers. Gas pipe line, gas reduction unit.

32. Supermarket ZUNDA CENTRE in Riga, heating system, boiler house 3.5 MW.

33. Boiler house for kilns 4,5 MW "YGNIS" boilers, "METALOTERM" chimneys. 

34. The renovation works of the National theatre, heating system, inner water supply, inner sewage system.

35. Office building, boiler house 400 kW "YGNIS", heating system, gas supply water supply.

36. Boiler house with 600 kW "CHAPPEE" boilers total for local district heating company 

37. Trade center boiler house 1.2 MW ("YGNIS" boilers, "METALOTERM" chimneys), gas pipline and reducing unit. Vienibas gatve 111, Riga.

38. Boiler house with two boilers 1.5 MW ("REMEHA" boilers, "METALOTERM" chimneys) in total on gas, gas pipline with reduction unit. Tomsona str.30, Riga. 

39. Boiler house 1.45 MW for kilns on gas, gas pipeline with reduction unit. Aplokciema str., Riga.

40. Heating system, water supply, boiler house of a supermarket KESKO (Finland). Two 320 kW and 465 kW "GUILOTT" boilers, "NU-WAY" burners, "METALOTERM" chimneys).

41. Boiler house of a storage building for NARVESEN with three  "GUILLOT" boilers 465 kW each, "NU-WAY" burners, "METALOTERM" chimneys.

42. Container type boiler house, 210kw, with "CHAPPEE" boiler, "NU-WAY" burner, "METALOTERM" chimney for a set of municipal buildings, Cesis.

43. "LATVENERGO" DET container type boiler house "CHAPPEE" boiler on gas 210 kw, with extra burner on oil for emergency.

44. "COCA COLA" terminal building in Riga, heating system, water supply system, air pressure piping.

45. "LATTELECOM“ gas boiler house with two French "CHAPPEE" boilers 210 kw each.

46. "VIADA" 5 gas stations, their heating systems, water supply. (Electrical boilers" JAMA", Finland).

47. Refugee camp buildings. Their heating systems, district heating boiler houses. (180 radiators).

48. Editorial building for a local newspaper. Their heating system. Gas boiler house with two French "CHAPPEE" boilers 170 kw each with low pressure "NU-WAY" burners.

49. A boiler house with French "CHAPPEE" boiler "ARIZONA" 520kw on oil.

50. "VolksWagen Centre" in Riga. Their heating system and boiler house.

51. A big factory`s office building. Its heating system and district heating boiler house (210 radiators).

52. Heating system of Water chemical treatment works at Thermo – electric power station TEC-2.

53. Container type boiler house with two boilers "JAMA" (Finland) and "NU – WAY" burners 320 kw each for a number of civil buildings.

54. Container type boiler house with two "CHAPPEE" 290kw boilers and "NU – WAY" burners for an office building.

55. Container type boiler house with two "CHAPPEE" 465 kw boilers and "NU – WAY" burners. (Governmental contract.) Center of Veterinary of Latvia.

56. Boiler house with "CHAPPEE" 210kw boiler and "NU-WAY" burner for an office building.

57. Heating and cooling system for the new ABB office building.

58. Supermarket RIMI. Inner water supply, sewage.

59. Heating, boiler house, water supply for VOLVO TRUCK service station. 200kw boiler "CHAPPEE", France, oil burner "NU-WAY".

60. A boiler house 1.2 MW and heating pipelines 800 m of length (Governmental contract.) A residental palace Mezhotne. Two "WELLMAN ROBEY" boilers 450 and 800kW and "NU-WAY" burners.

61. Boiler house 340kW with two "CHAPPEE" boilers and "NU-WAY" burners. Governmental contract.

62. Office building. Heating, water supply, sewage, district heating center, gas boiler house, hydronic part of cooling system, gas works.

63. Design of district heating line at Riga Railway Station.

64. Design of heating system and gas boiler house at Kleistu Street 24.

65. Gas pipeline and boiler house 2,6MW two boilers "Wellman Robey" and burners "NU-WAY" at supermarket PLESKODALE Lielirbes street 29, Riga.

66. Internal sewerage, water supply systems, district heating centre, heating, floor heating-cooling at AUDI centre.

67. Internal sewerage, water supply systems, district heating centre, heating system, floor heating, boiler house 400kW (CHAPPEE boiler, NU-WAY burner) and gas works at Diving training centre, Liepaja. Step I. 

68. Container type boiler house with "Wellman Robey" boiler and "NU-WAY" burner, MEATALOTERM chimney at supermarket MEGO, CESIS.

69. Installation of large heating system for drugs wholeseller "TAMRO" (Finland) main building.

70. Installation of heating, water, sewage system, gas boiler house for "FORD" Center, G. Astras str., Riga.

71. Installation of heating system (400 radiators) in the building of Ministry of Justice.

72. Installation of 630kW GUILLOT  oil – gas boiler and "NU-WAY" burnershouse for the super-market KESKO, Krasta str., Riga.

73. Installation of oil-gas boiler house 1.3 MW for National Defence Ministry.

74. Installation of large cooling system for the Business centre (hydronic parts).

75. High-pressure underground gas line and gas regulating unit four bituminous concrete factory at Adazi.

76. Heating, water supply, sewage systems and district heating centre at SUPER NETTO market, A.Saharova street, Riga.

77. Heating system (202 radiators) and two heating centrals for National Defence Ministry.

78. Heating, water supply, sewage systems, gas works and boiler house 220 kW (boiler "CHAPPEE", burner "NU-WAY", "METALOTERM" chimneys) for office building at Vienibas gatve 87b, Riga.

79. Heating, water supply, sewage systems, gas works and boiler house 930 kW (boiler "CHAPPEE", burner "NU-WAY", "METALOTERM" chimneys) for office building at Vienibas gatve 87d, Riga.

80. Internal sewerage, water supply systems, district heating centre, heating system, floor heating, boiler house 250kW (boiler "CHAPPEE", France; burner "NU-WAY", England), "METALOTERM" chimney) at Baltic Diving training centre, Liepaja. Depot, Stage I and II.

81. Steam generator (3000 kW), for a bottle treatment factory.